Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ulcerative Colitis and Outdoor Activities

Well, I've not posted in a while but I will tell ya that I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in April. I do have some other trips and pictures that I will put up from prior to April, but basically since April, its been a no go on alot of things. I have been mountain biking some since April but have to take it easy as the strenuous activity causes me some severe stomach and intestinal discomfort.

But, I am now planning a trip for November to Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas. I'm hoping that I will be able to get this UC under control and enjoy 4 days in the woods with 2 great friends. It may be slow hiking, but I'm gonna go for it.

Like I said, I've been doing some riding, mostly mountain biking. I was doing some racing prior to the diagnosis and was doing quite well. A 2nd place and two 1st place finishes in my age and category - Cat3 40+. Not too competitive of a field, but hey, I'm over 40 and racing mountain bikes. I will share a few pictures from that until I can post my other trip reports. The picture on the left is the finishing climb on our home trail in Ridgeland, MS at the 2010 McGee Lungbuster. Got a 2nd place podium finish at the race. Shortly after this race is when I made my first trip to Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas but we had to leave early. That's why we are going back this November.
The McGee Lungbuster was a great race for me. The weather was perfect, the trails were in perfect shape and fast, and it was a fun time had by all. In 14 years of cylcing, it was my first mountain bike race. The depressing part of UC diagnosis is that I was just on the verge of really getting strong on my bike. But oh well, must not be God's plan for me right now which I'm certainly ok with.

The picture on the right is a podium shot with my 7 year old son. He was happy for me, but by the looks of his face, scared to death to be on the podium.

The next few pictures are just various pictures from the races I've done this spring. I'm now racing for Racing Revolution which the title sponsor is Revolution Mobile Bicycle Repair owned by Jeremy Polk. Great guy and great company.

McGee Lungbuster

1st Place Tuffburg - Hattiesburg, MS

1st Place Hommochita Hammer - Bude, Ms


  1. You have a very nice blog Alan and enjoyed looking around. Looks like you have a lot of adventures hiking and riding your bike. Enjoy the ride and thanks for your visit to my site! Take care and be safe! :)

  2. Alan, I am Chris...found you on the forum as I was seeking info about camping with Crohn's Disease.

    I see you haven't posted in a while and I am interested in your trip went in November.

    I hope you are improving, I've had Crohn's, looking back, most of my life, but really have known about it about 12 years now. I'm 48.

    Just curious as to how thing have worked out for you on the trail and so on.