Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chinnabee Silent Trail - October 2009

Just now getting around to posting this trip report. We just got back from the same area and the two trips I've done on the Pinhoti were totally different. This trip we had rain, the latest trip we had cold. Its still a beautiful area of the south. We started at Chinnabee Lake campground and hiked up the Chinnabee Silent Trail to the Pinhoti. From there, we hiked on to just before McDill Point. At that point, we had completed 9.5 miles and were walking zombies. The mile and a half up to Caney Head killed us, then we hiked on another 3 miles or so on the Pinhoti. The first campsite we came to is where we stopped. I remember telling Stacy, "there's a camp site" and I think he already had his tent set up! This is a picture of the trail head at the end of the parking area at Chinnabee Lake.

Chinnabee Silent Trail

View of Falls from Chinnabee Silent Trail

Falls at Chinnabee

Chinnabee Shelter

View from the Shelter

Rock Garden along Chinnabee Silent - yeah, that's the trail!

View from the Pinhoti Trail towards McDill Point

We made camp after 9.5 miles. We were exhausted!

We hiked out the next morning in the pouring rain. We knew it was going to rain, it had been windy all night. We were hoping it would rain in the middle of the night and not on us as we hiked. It did just the opposite. As soon as we packed up in the morning, it started pouring. All the way to Cheaha. We decided along the way to call it quits and asked a Ranger to give us a lift down to Chinnabee to the car. Had a great day of hiking the day before so all was not lost.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting time. Those are some nice pics. Ive got to get on the Pinhoti sometime. Hate that the rain came. Im still waiting for my first big hike in the rain. So far Ive been lucky with only light rains while hiking.